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The Mostly Invisible Man

Just saw a great documentary called “Stripped,” an overview of the history and legacy of newspaper comic strips, as told by some of their foremost cartoonists. Among them is Bill Watterson, the notoriously reclusive creator of “Calvin and Hobbes.” When I saw that today’s @Sketch_Dailies prompt was #invisibleman, I immediately thought of him.

Incidentally, I thought “Stripped” was shot and edited well, with a lot of attention to detail and some slick and clever visuals to supplement the invaluable commentary. That’s why I was surprised that the interview audio had such comparatively low production value. Maybe I’m biased because I work in television, but most of the subjects sound as if they were recorded with the microphone built into the camera; hollow and echoey. I understand that it was a grassroots, Kickstarter-funded project, but an entry-level lapel mic or boom mic would have gone a long way toward rounding out an otherwise polished film.

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