Here’s Looking at Who, Kid?

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I’m toying with grabbing freeze frames from movies and trying to adapt the compositions to comic panels. This here is a shot of two incidental characters in Casablanca.

One thing I hope to get better at is figuring out how to make backgrounds in black-and-white white art that are detailed but don’t conflict with the foreground action. I want to cross hatch, but I think I need to heed the advice of the Famous Artists Cartoon Course, and stick with mostly solid blacks and whites:

Speaking of courses, starting next week I’ll be taking a weekly class on graphic novel production at the School of Visual Arts. Although I don’t aspire to create a Frank Miller style graphic novel, I’m hoping to learn a little something that I can apply to a serial comic strip.

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  1. Chicky

    Can’t wait to see your next type of drawing. I have never heard of graphic novel production.