The Accordion Blues

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook


Well, this is a mess, but hey, it’s what I drew this evening. I thought it was a pretty simple vacation picture (upper right), but turns out it was a pop quiz in perspective. Even the accordion twists and turns in several different directions. I’ll probably give this a do-over at some point. Drawn on newsprint with a soft wax crayon.


  1. Chicky

    Don’t see it as a mess. Looks pretty impressive, really.

  2. Sister

    I like it. You must of got all the talent genes…

  3. georgiann

    If that is a mess…Good God…you should see my messes…they usually include some random huge headed stick figure with jacked up hair…This, Markintosh, is NOT a mess!!!

  4. StarbucksSteph

    Awesome job! I think you even made him better looking in your drawing. 🙂