10th Old Man

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I sketched this while watching a terrific documentary on Netflix, Floyd Norman: An Animated Life. Floyd was an animator and writer on basically every cartoon I ever saw as a kid, from Sleeping Beauty, to 101 Dalmations, to Scooby Doo, to the Smurfs, to Toy Story.

Disclaimer: I was not a kid when Toy Story was released. Floyd is now 81, and looks younger than me, and I wish I was joking.


La mujer del siglo

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Oh hey, today would have been my Nana’s 100th birthday! Here’s a digital painting of her in her youth, perhaps in her hometown of La Paz, Mexico.

Change I Can’t Believe In

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I’m neither a Republican nor a Democrat. I don’t like to talk about politics, because, frankly, I do not know enough to form any strong arguments. (Note: This does not generally stop people who love to talk about politics.)

All I know is that for the past eight years, having this man at the helm caused me absolutely zero anxiety. The incoming administration? Well I’m sleeping a lot less these days. And drawing politicians. That’s how you know we’ve entered bizarro times.

As an illustration of what we’re losing, have a look at the clip below of Obama addressing the U.S. military last month. It’s a quick historical recap, tied to the sort of patriotic, apolitical message that could have been said by any President, and appreciated by conservatives and liberals alike.

The scary thing is that Obama’s comforting words were prompted by dangerously ignorant statements made by the President-Elect. I’m OK with the usual 8-year presidential pendulum swing between Republicans and Democrats, but this guy is a different beast. The Republican Congress really needs to do some soul-searching and ask, “am I on Team America, or Team Thin-Skinned Reality Show Carny?”

Reddit Gets Gatsbied

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I should really be using resources like Reddit Gets Drawn to practice every single day, but I tend to get picky and wait for photos like this that appear to capture a slice of life; i.e. are not selfies.

Clown Paintings

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First digital painting in ages, of a grimacing Harpo Marx. I’m jonesing for the restored versions of the Marx Bros. Paramount movies, out on Blu-ray this fall!

Bonus! A rare look at how the sausage is made:

Some Light Sidewalk Reading

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A few weeks ago I signed up for an online course called Make A Comic Book. It’s sort of a cheaper, less personal version of the SVA course I took almost 4 years ago (jeez, I’m progressing glacially with this whole “pursuing my craft” thing). It’s been a little disappointing, because the the instructor has given no personal feedback, and in fact instructs very little, aside from 5-minute videos and a syllabus of online tutorials that are freely available. Everything is peer-reviewed, which helps, but I’d find feedback from a professional much more enlightening. And from what I can tell (based on the material I’ve been asked to peer-review), there’s only a handful of people taking this session, so I think they could afford to be more hands-on.

That said, I knew going into it that the most important aspect of the course would be shelling out money in order to motivate myself to finish something! So, here goes…something.



Reddit Gets Smacked

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I have to admit, I find most photos posted to Reddit Gets Drawn kinda boring; sure, I need practice, but selfies bring out the old man snob in me. Back in my day, we expressed ourselves through Transformers action figures, and we liked it. Anyway, I appreciate it when people post something that’s fun to sketch, like this.

The Iron Man and the Mole Woman

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I finished off my weekend re-watching Season 1 of “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” on Netflix. Season 2 premieres April 15!

I think Kimmy’s roommate/sidekick Titus, in his knockoff Iron Man…er, “Metal Hero Friend” Times Square character costume, is the closest I ever want to get to drawing a superhero.

Sooey Batta Batta

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My brother-in-law requested a logo for his company’s baseball team, which is named after a minor league club branded with a similarly metallic and ornery oinker. So yeah, in terms of the basic concept (and color scheme), this is a total rip-off, but the cartoony head, for whatever it’s worth, is all mine.

I worked on this from start to finish on my iPad Pro. The initial sketch (below) was done in Procreate, and the vector art was done in Autodesk Graphic, formerly known as iDraw.