Featured image of post The Bark Stops Here

The Bark Stops Here

Highlight of my holiday break, hanging out with my good pal Truman.

Featured image of post The Day the Tapes Stood Still

The Day the Tapes Stood Still

I recently revisited a lapsed homework assignment from last Summer’s illustration course–a short graphic memoir about a small lesson I’ve carried with me from one of my early jobs in TV.

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Swiping up a storm

Also known as Doomscrolling, as this Wired article explains. 2020 has been a tsunami of terrible news and disheartening human behavior. If there’s any bright side to 2020, it’s that more and more people are realizing that the gaslighting of the last four years, where reason and empathy gave way to politicizing previously objective things, is slowly but surely crumbling. Viruses don’t care about politics. Scientists, it turns out, know a lot more about science than game show hosts.

Featured image of post The Plague’s The Thing

The Plague’s The Thing

Second assignment – faux New Yorker cover! I wish I could say it seems a little outdated but let’s face it, the rest of the country is doing their best to make sure we get that second wave. Get ready for a record-breaking string of curtain calls, essential workers!

Featured image of post Sketching in place

Sketching in place

First prompt from my virtual return to Steve Brodner’s “Art of Illustration” course – what’s quarantine like for you? And it ain’t over yet, folks. This weekend I saw a few videos of maskless idiots around the city partying outside, and I’m thinking, did we learn nothing? Like, do what you have to do to survive – and by that, I mean, travel to your essential job, buy groceries, take a walk – but if a plurality of selfish Brooklyn bros can’t go one Summer without a douchey block party, then we’re positively screwed.

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