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A Small Gesture

Gesture drawing is drawing what you see, and is more about capturing motion and form than any sort of detail. Getting better at it will help me with animation, since it will require the ability to quickly summon natural-looking movements from my mind. Drawn in Sketchbook Pro on the iPad.

Featured image of post Ya Hippie

Ya Hippie

Speaking of bad caricatures, this was my response to the daily challenge on Reddit’s Sketch Daily page, asking users to draw a self-portrait without the aid of a mirror or photos. Behold, my mangy new beard! Drawn in Adobe Ideas on the iPad

Featured image of post L.D.!


I don’t mind telling you, this past season was pretty, pretty pretty, good. My caricature skills, on the other hand, could use improvement. Drawn in Adobe Illustrator and colored in Adobe Photoshop.

Featured image of post The Man With No Name

The Man With No Name

Trying to come up with a comic strip/animation character. My idea today was to draw a guy who looked like a cross between two of my favorite comedians, Bob Hope (the nose) and Dick Van Dyke (the long face). Still too generic, but I think it has potential, somehow. Drawn on newsprint with a soft wax crayon.

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