Go Figure

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Gearing up for my figure drawing class in a couple weeks, using virtual models from pixelovely.com. Apparently most life drawing sessions start out with a few very quick poses (gesture drawings), followed by progressively longer poses.

I hate posting lousy stuff like this, but my hope is that it will help to provide some contrast with future attempts, and illustrate my progress. In the meantime, feel free to let loose with the pointing and laughing.


  1. cooldudess

    I like the model with the arms in the air. The proportions are right…..the sitting model on the right looks like her lower leg needs to be longer.

  2. Chicky II

    Where is the class being held? Looks like you have a good start 🙂

  3. Mark M
  4. Mark M

    Oops, didn’t mean to “heart” my own post. Anyway, the class is at the National Academy of Art across town. They’ve been holding classes since 1826 (yes, eighteen!).