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This week’s homework assignment is a portrait with hands. Speaking of hands, mine are covered in charcoal.

Some Thoughts on Drawing as Therapy

Here’s something I first noticed when I jumped back into drawing, and it’s even more relevant to me right now, as my family is going through some tough times with aging loved ones. But really, whether your day is mundane or tragic, your ultra-modern consciousness is probably a rattling cavalcade of noise from dawn to dusk. Drawing is one way to slow those gears, and for me the benefits linger long after I put the pencil down.

Drawing from your imagination helps, but if you really want to clear your head, try drawing something in front of you, such as your noggin, a bowl of fruit, or your creepy Hummel figurines. Really concentrate on what you’re seeing in terms of volume, contour, and shading. The required hand-eye coordination is enough to occupy your whole brain.

If you spend a couple hours drawing this way, like I did tonight, you’ll step back at the end, look at your horrible sketch, and wonder where the time went. You’ll wonder how you managed to spend a whole two hours without checking Facebook or looking up scary facts on WebMD. And, if you’re like me, you’ll probably get to sleep a little faster, because your brain kinda likes the leisurely pace you’ve set, and tries to keep it that way.

Of course, I’ll always advocate drawing, but I think this probably applies to anything that involves an intense level of concentration. So, juggling maybe? Tightrope walking?

Eh, just pick up a pencil and start drawing. Get over your insecurities; it doesn’t have to be your aspiration or your livelihood. You don’t have to post it online like some idiots I know. It can just be your therapy.

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    Wow that is wonderful!