Charcoal Pensive

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook


Here’s tomorrow’s homework, done in vine charcoal as usual. Took me about 3 tries before my perspective was anywhere in the ballpark; was hard to get my brain to accept that my knee should be about as big as my head, because it’s closer to the viewer.

Oh, and in case you think I’m a narcissist for always doing homework drawings of myself, the assignment is always to draw from life (no photos), and I’m the only person I’m willing to ask to sit for a portrait. (Even then, it’s awkward.) But hey, if you’re volunteering…


  1. theresamonroy
  2. willysusie

    Love this one!

  3. theresamonroy

    What did the teacher say?

  4. Mark M

    She liked it! Of course, only 2 of us did the homework. It feels weird not to be the class slacker.

  5. theresamonroy

    Yeah well Mrs. Butlers art class just wasn’t as cool..