You’re Outta Bear!

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

Well, I guess the Kerkel posts this week were a wake of sorts; my strip’s been eliminated from the competition. On the upside, I’m now free to share the entire run here on the site.

It was an odd contest; the thing I found especially strange is that there is no real feedback or interaction on the Cartoonist Studio site, so I feel like I haven’t really learned much about what constitutes an appealing comic strip. The 11-second animation contest made a lot more sense, and I got some solid constructive criticism from the community. About the only positive thing I can say about this contest is that it motivated me to create a comic strip!

That said, after looking through these, please let me know which one you liked the least, and which one you liked the best. Now that I’ve got the storyline-introducing awkwardness out of the way, I’d really like to continue developing these characters.


  1. theresamonroy

    Boo! I like your comic strip… But I know your humor.

  2. cousin Mike

    I liked the one with the unicycle the most, especially the transition/action from frame 2 to 3. Hard to pick a least favorite. I’d have to vote for the last one. I enjoyed your Encarta reference (WOW), but depends on your audience.. but mainly because I am wondering who asks anyone where the post office is and why is that the tipping point for her desire to get rid of the bear? I really liked them all though Mark; I like the facial expressions, the delivery one where the Russian NYer < or just jersey boy?> calls Kerkel a hairy Guatemalan.. heheheh, all you need now is a hooker from Belize! (maybe a Minnie to your Kerkel Mickey? heheheheh)

  3. Chicky II

    6 out of 10 weeks ain’t bad for your first contest. I am not to sure about the way the contest is judged since votes seem to be based on friends and family but I’m happy to hear you plan on continuing your comics. I wish you could have received some constructive criticism from the experts since they know more what to look for. The only thing I am thinking is that maybe comics should be one theme each week instead of a continuing story like O’Kerkel???