Wrangling Scribbles

Slooow-goin’ over here. I didn’t really want to post the animation at such a nascent stage, but I didn’t have anything else to post tonight. So gather `round, kids, and witness how the sausage is made.

This month the contest is using a clip from Parks and Recreation, featuring the obnoxious Amy Poehler. I decided to make my animation about an 1890s couple having a quiet Sunday at home, until the wife gets all Poehler-y.

The first two seconds of her character are close to finished; you’ll see how the remainder of the animation is a choppy roadmap of “extreme” frames, waiting to be fleshed out.

You’ll also see, in red, my very rough sketches of the husband, who although silent, is actually onscreen longer than the wife. He spends most of the clip trying to retrieve his newspaper and hat after the wife obliviously knocks them to the floor.

I’m not sure if the husband will be easier or harder to animate. Probably easier, since his movements will be much more deliberate and he’ll just have a couple of slow-burn facial expressions.

Anyway, hope seeing this sloppy mess today will make the finished product seem freakin’ amazing next week.

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