Welcome Back, Stretch

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

Conan O’Brien (pictured?) is doing his show in NY this week, so I’m heading out to try to score a seat to tonight’s taping at the Beacon Theater, which is about 100 yards from my apartment. Fun fact: When Conan did “Late Night,” he lived just down the block from me, at 72nd and Central Park West (in a slightly larger apartment, probably).

Edit: Aww, didn’t get in. On the plus side, random Tuesday off!


  1. Anita
  2. Chicky II

    Great … hope you get in!!!Great pic too!

  3. Sister

    Carrot finger 🙂 did you get in??

  4. Mark M

    Nope.  🙁  They only let 3 standby people in, and I was like #50.  Huge theater too!  Oh well, I’ve seen his show several times before, just seemed silly not to go when he’s right here.

  5. georgiann

    That sucks! He is a good one. He came to our station…they told the night crew after he already left….SUCKED. So instead I got to meet Tom Cruise…whatever. Total bummer.Your art is incredible.

  6. StarbucksSteph