Times Squarehead

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

If emails and phone calls are any indication, everybody in California thinks I’m pinned under an oak tree. I should definitely do this tomorrow!


  1. Sister

    Glad you’re ok! We just love you!

  2. Aunt Mary Ann

    Mark you are too funny! Your Aunties worry about you
    because we love you. I like your caricatures of Robin and George.

  3. Chicky

    Ha! Ha! I will be watching for you on GMA this morning 🙂

  4. Georgiann

    Too cute! I tried calling you in New York last week. No answer. BOOOOOOO!!! I will be out again…I found megabus…now I am hooked!!!
    Miss you..glad you are okay!

  5. Aunt Carolyn

    Thank goodness for Skype. I was so happy to “see” and talk to you. This cartoon is hilarious. I’ll be watching for you. LOL.