Time For a Sandwich

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook


Since I took two naps today (is that a symptom of something?), I figured this guy would be a good subject for practicing with my new nib pen. I definitely lack confidence when using permanent ink (no Ctrl+Z!), but truthfully I’m happy that I’m able to create a line.

Back when I was a kid (I really hope this site isn’t starting to sound like granddad’s storytime), every resource on cartooning recommended India Ink and nib pens and brushes. There was no such thing as digital inking, of course. So I was really frustrated that I couldn’t ink to save my life. I don’t know what the heck I was doing wrong, but I remember leaving vaguely inky scratches on the paper. I wasn’t much better with my fancy Rapidograph pen, which quickly became permanently clogged from disuse.

So, ironically, now that I have absolutely no need to ink the old-fashioned way, I’m finding it’s not that hard. Kid me would despise 21st-century me.


I think I picked the wrong paper, though. We have a bleeder!


  1. Chicky II

    Probably much needed sleep to take care the cold :)I guess you better head off to Katz’s Deli to get one of those Dagwood Sanwiches YUM!I kinda of forget about him now maybe you can do Wimpy and his hamburger.

  2. James De Vous

    PS: To avoid bleeding/running, the paper must be almost vellum quality ..