This Site’s Gone to the Dogs

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook


Thought I’d paint something from my mind instead of looking at a photo; what better than this old guy who’s been gathering dust somewhere in my noggin? For those of you outside my family, this is Sam, star of at least 75 unfinished comic books. Drawn on iPad in Procreate.


  1. Aunt Anita

    Hello, Sam…I remember you.

  2. EvanMidds

    Really dig this one Mark! Reminds me of our dog Dug

  3. Sister

    I love Sam. Remember when I would try and draw him? Yeah…….

  4. georgiann

    Sam is cute…I can’t believe you are still doing this! Please tell me you won’t get bored with it.

  5. Chicky II

    Hellooooooo Sammy! Welcome back ….we missed you 🙂

  6. LoMidds

    Sam looks good in digital! Happy belated birthday, Sam.

  7. LoMidds