The Most Important Election Of Our Lifetime

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Hey look, the comic strip contest has begun! Click here to browse through the entries and vote. I suggest you vote for the one with the bear jumping out of a box, because that’s just hilarious. (If you get bored browsing the other strips, search for “Kerkel”.)

Lotta Tata


Thought I’d switch gears today and work on a litte photo restoration. This is a portion of a yearbook photo from the 1970s, when Tata came out of retirement to become a high school teacher. It’s not that the photo is in bad shape, but it’s printed in a low-res halftone, so there’s not a whole lot of detail. I thought it’d be fun to try to recreate what the original photo may have looked like.

To guide me, and to salvage some of the tone, I started by blurring the original photo to the point where you can’t see the dots. Then I painted back in the details by referring to the original. Obviously I’ve got a ways to go before it’s passably photorealistic, but I’ll continue plugging away.


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