Story Time

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

Another pic from Reddit. I’m usually put off when Reddit users attach a sob story to a request–in this case, “my grandpa is very sick”–but I thought it could make a cute pic in a loose, cartoony style. Done with real ink for once!



  1. Sister

    Looks good. Remember, you have had a sick grandparent before… a little practice for you, a little sunshine for them.

  2. Mark

    Oh of course, but it usually seems a little manipulative; you can ask for a favor without using an irrelevant bummer as leverage. It’s not so bad in this case, but in some other groups it’s a little egregious. “Can anyone design me a flyer for the church bazaar? I was born without intestines. Thanks!”

  3. 49er

    I think they are really really going to love this. Do you ever get any feedback?