Stingin’ In The Rain

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

PSA for New Yorkers: If it’s lightly drizzling outside, it’s probably overkill to bust out your giant sidewalk-clogging umbrella and act as if twirling a tent on a stick entitles you to an automatic personal space upgrade. Guess what, everybody, you’re waterproof! If it’s not raining hard enough to drip into your eyes, it’s not raining hard enough to seek moon-capsule-sized mobile shelter. And even then, there’s this thing called a poncho. Try it–you might find that you actually enjoy walking down the sidewalk at a reasonable pace and not poking anybody’s eye out.

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  1. 49er

    Really good cartoon …………………. too bad it can’t be published in the local NY Times 🙂 How’s the eye?