@StarbucksSteph Living Up To Her Name

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

My apologies for my strict adherence to the “all cartoon characters have crossed eyes” crutch.

(Cue Steph unfriending me on all major social networks.)

Legit Stephanie for reference:


Edit 10/27: By popular demand, here it is with her eyes uncrossed. Okay, they’re still a little crossed. I realize I have a problem. I can quit anytime.



  1. cooldudess

    Very good…but did you have to cross her eyes…hope she is a good friend ! ;o) Everything else is right on, especially her mouth…

  2. Chicky II

    Really good all and all ……… just needed to put a bug at the end of her nose to go with the cartoon eyes :)I know Stephanie was game so what did she have to say?

  3. Mark M

    Haven’t heard, guess I rendered her speechless. 😉

  4. Sister

    Who is Stephanie? And, I really like the person on the Starbucks cup. Lol!

  5. StarbucksSteph

    Hahahaha! You definitely captured the essence of Stephanie. Very nice. 🙂

  6. StarbucksSteph
  7. StarbucksSteph

    I would also like to add that the shading around the eyes, cheekbones, and chin is superb.

  8. Chicky II

    Wait did I see double?

  9. georgiann

    What is this nonsense? Steph gets drawn? Phooey!!!I love the crossed eyes…that looks more like my goofy friend.You both always drank at Starbucks…Awe….I am reflecting and I am kind of getting sad…Miss you both!!!

  10. StarbucksSteph

    Love & miss you too, Georgiann! 🙂