Spendy Software, Day 1

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

Another day, another underwhelming animation of waterfowl with an inexplicably expanding cranium. (Animation is HARD!) But it was my first attempt at producing something in Toon Boom Animate. I pulled the trigger on buying it after watching an extensive tutorial online that pretty much demystified the whole program for me.  I had tried the “Personal Learning Edition,” a free version that doesn’t allow you to export your work, but I wasn’t sold on it until yesterday. As much as I liked my homemade Photoshop templates, this program was designed from the ground up for efficient animation.

Anyway, this one is based on an example on page 170 of “The Animator’s Survival Kit.”


  1. cooldudess

    It must be hard if that is all it’s gonna move !

  2. Chicky II

    Cute duck 🙂 Looks like he is doing the moonwalk.

  3. georgiann

    I always think when I hit “play”…it is going to move a little bit more…But you don’t see me having a “web page dedicated to my art skills” now do ya???Sorry…you are still going strong…I applaud you, Markintosh!