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Sketchy Catchup

A few sketches from this past week. Up first is a rendition of a comedy duo that may play a part in a graphic novel I’m still noodling through.

Each week after my improv class, I try to hunker down in the park and work on the story. Last week I finally gave my characters names. This week I gave them faces, based on a some old gents who walked by while I was in writing mode.

I know I’m the type of person who will generally agonize excessively over things like character design and names, so I like the idea of just biting the bullet and getting on with more important things like story and character.

Above is a random slice of life; two rough-looking dudes in the Meatpacking district discussing business while waiting to be served their artisanal whatever at a fancy street level restaurant, from my vantage point on the High Line.

And finally: I brought a ruled notebook to a company meeting, and proceeded to use it solely for sketching my unassuming coworkers.

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