Featured image of post Sir @JoshKittle of Twitter

Sir @JoshKittle of Twitter

So this fellow on Twitter asked if I do any work for hire; he wanted a cartoon avatar for his online persona. I offered to do it for free, not just because I’m a swell guy, but also because I’d prefer to practice without the obligation to get it “right” that comes with getting paid. Hopefully he likes it, but regardless, it was a fun exercise.

I think what was especially tricky about this for me was that I don’t know him personally, and the two photos he provided offer very little insight to his personality.┬áHe did tell me he works in IT, and suggested the smoking soldering iron.

If you have 30 minutes, you should watch this cool documentary on the insane amount of effort pro caricaturist John Kascht puts into researching his subjects–in this case, Conan O’Brien:

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