Proportion Trouble

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook


Here’s another basic exercise; copying a character from a model sheet, then lining up your drawing with the original to see what’s off. The brown duck was drawn by the great Bob Clampett; the blue/red sketches are mine.

I think I’ve always struggled to “draw on model,” because when I did this I had flashbacks to my childhood, getting supremely frustrated when I’d copy characters that were almost right, but not quite.


  1. Aunt Anita

    You’re making me want to draw. You have a gift, enjoy it. We all are.

  2. Sister

    OMG! Better than I can do! When you think your drawing looks bad, remember how I draw noses and then all should be okay ;o)

  3. Chicky II

    Love it! I don’t really see a problem of proportion.

  4. Mark M

    One of the toughest parts about animation is that you have to remain very consistent, otherwise your character won’t seem solid. They can squash and stretch but they have to retain a consistent volume. So being a little off can be a big problem.That’s why I’m trying to learn how to draw overall; it really will help my animation goals if I can imagine my character in 3 dimensions and have a good sense of proportion.

  5. georgiann

    I don’t think animation needs to be PERFECT…that is what makes it fun.