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This is me after several hours of trying to set up a WordPress blog. My current blogging platform, Posterous, is probably going away at some point (they were bought out by Twitter and seem to be coasting), so I’m gearing up to make a switch.

I’ve had a few WordPress blogs, and I see myself falling into the same trap as always. Because WordPress is so configurable, I end up spending more time under the hood than actually creating content. It’s 50% OCD and 50% diagnosing strange PHP and style sheet problems.

That’s why Posterous was perfect for me; I could only do so much monkeying. I accepted its limitations, came up with a halfway decent variation on an existing theme, and never looked back.

So, I may have to go for tumblr instead. The problem is it’s much harder to migrate all my old posts there.

And hey, if you’ve gotten this far into the post, congratuations, your eyes are now as glazed over as mine!

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