Featured image of post Paging Lamont Cranston

Paging Lamont Cranston

Toying with a possible comic strip character. Don’t get too smitten; this is the very first rendering of her. By the time I figure everything out, she’s liable to be an old lady, or Chinese, or a talking horse.

I also did this drawing to try out a principle from Andrew Loomis’ “Fun With a Pencil” (a nearly 80-year old book available for free here), which is why she has that big `ol ugly shadow behind her.

In the book, Loomis diagrams how to determine the shadow position by triangulating the direction of light and angle of light.

I decided she’d be standing with a street lamp in front of her; as you can see I even drew the lamp it on a separate sheet of paper!

I’m not entirely certain I got it right; it looks weird. But maybe I just put my light source where no sane artist would.

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