On Your Mark…

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

One comic down, nine to go. According to the rules, I can’t post them here until the contest is over, but I can give you this brief glimpse. Any idea what’s in that box?

I find drawing comic strips to be a lot of fun. Writing’s a bit tougher–still fun, but I haven’t really been able to rein it in. By that I mean, I can’t schedule it as a task; ideas only pop in to my head when I’m doing something else and my mind wanders. Running seems to work best.

So, here’s hoping my next few runs are very inspiring. 10 strips due February 1st. “Nothing like the last minute,” a certain slacker was fond of saying in the `90s.


  1. cooldudess

    I am living vicariously through you…..I am very impressed.

  2. theresamonroy

    Kirkle in the box?! And Mary Rae Vincent, love it. Mary = Nana, Rae= Ariana middle name AKA Ray/Tata, Vincent= Grandpa. Perfection.

  3. willysusie

    Detective Perez is on the case LOL