Nothing Much, Just Hanging Out Topless with a Sea Monster

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

The great thing about classic art is that it gets a pass for weird shenanigans that in modern times would get you banned from the Super Bowl halftime show. This here is “Andromeda and the Sea Monster” by Domenico Guidi.

As usual, my attempt to render details in a little sketchbook with soft graphite proved to be a bit muddled, but then again, even the statue seems muddled when you first walk up to it. And definitely crazy.


  1. Sister

    She just needs more voluptuous chi chis 🙂

  2. cooldudess

    You drew the breastesses the bestesess.

  3. Mark M

    You guys are gonna have a field day when I take my figure drawing class next month. 😉

  4. LoMidds
  5. Chicky II

    I thought this statue was in our neighbors yard. Theirs has a goddess holding a seashell:) Leave it to the Greeks and Italians!

  6. Susie

    Hands still handing you some trouble aye?….makes me think of Seinfeld’s “Man hands” 🙂

  7. georgiann

    Nice ta-ta’s…neck and head look weird.