More Fun With Restoration

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook


You’ll have to forgive my brief detour into photo restoration; it’s always been a fascination of mine. While coloring Grandpa’s photo the other day, I wondered if I could subtly add detail to photos, or even restore damaged photos, by painting.

This photo of Tata (my other grandfather) is from the 1920s–a detail of a group shot of his middle school graduation. It’s not damaged, but there’s not a lot of detail in the faces. So tonight I did some experimenting. First, I painted a minimal amount of detail, using a clearer photo as a reference. Then I blended it into the original photo by adding some grain and reducing the opacity of my strokes a bit.

What I like about it is that when viewed from a distance at actual size (as with a typical framed photo), it looks about the same as the original. But if you examine it closer, there’s a little more detail and expression.

Next, I’d like to try an actual damaged photo; you know, one of those where important bits are completely missing and need to be painted back in.



  1. cooldudess

    Oh My Gosh…How exciting that you can do this….He looks like me !

  2. Chicky II

    That is so amazing!! Love it!!!!

  3. Susievee

    lemme see if I can round a really damaged one up for ya….And nuh uh cooldudess, I look like him! 🙂