M-M-My Monkey Face

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

Soo…my homework assignment for next week is to draw a self-portrait in the mirror. This here’s my practice attempt (as I’ll call all my attempts until I get to one where I don’t look like the Geico caveman).


  1. cooldudess

    The best one yet ! Not that there is any resemblance, but done very well ! I like the shadows ion the head and hairline and the wrinkles between the yes…the whole piece is good ! Not that it looks like you.

  2. cooldudess

    aaargh ! between the eyes. I meant to type.

  3. StarbucksSteph
  4. georgiann

    this looks more like your face behind the sketch…your other sketch looks good too.i think i like this monkey face better.