Is This the Bus to the Nudist Camp?

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

Here’s the long pose from today’s class–40 minutes, in fact.  That’s about twice as long as we usually do.

Of course, my teacher was off hanging pictures for the class art show, so I didn’t get the feedback that helps me notice my mistakes quicker. 20 minutes in, this was a disaster.

Hey, here’s Van Dork hanging on the wall as if it were actually art:



  1. theresamonroy

    Is that poo from his booty? I have a 3 year old, I CAN ask that. Looks good to me.. you’ve seen my stick figures! VanDork on the wall, so proud. Bet Dad will ask for it next for his wall of fame ;o)

  2. Mark M

    What?! Yes, he pooped out a pair of jeans. God, I really do need more practice.

  3. theresamonroy

    I’m joking. I knew it was not poo. Hard to tell without color with my brain with no artistic ability. Seriously, ignore me.

  4. Chicky II

    Pooh….. not sure what is wrong with your picture??? Looks good to me and I like the picture hanging up for the art show too.