Have You Seen Ariana?

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

Decided to break in my new Wacom Cintiq Tablet (!!) by painting the niece again.  The Cintiq is essentially a monitor combined with a graphics tablet, which allows you to draw and paint directly on the screen.


Here you can see I’m using my regular monitor to view my reference photo, as well as a wider view of the image I’m working on.

I think I inadvertently made Ariana look much older than she really is. Maybe I have a future doing age progressions for milk cartons.


  1. Sister

    Before I read your post I was going to say looks like age progression. The photo you used though, was a bad choice. I don’t think that even looks like her. She was really sick in that photo remember? She looks older in that photo too, so who knows. Do you have a sock on your wrist/hand or did you get injured?

  2. Chicky II

    I really like the way you paint. It looks so professional.