Have A Ball

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

This fascinating work of modern art, symbolic of the longstanding plight of dyslexic lepers in Kurdistan, is evidence of the artist’s burgeoning vulnerability…

Ah, I’m only fooling, it’s just me trying out oil paints for the first time. Stunning ain’t it? The teacher calls this “the fleshy ball.” It’s basically an opportunity to mix the right colors to paint caucasian skin, and, for newbies like me, an opportunity to get used to using a color palette.

Tomorrow, the models show up. We’ll have three days to draw them in the manner that we drew the busts, then next week it’s on to painting.

Painting is very messy, by the way. (Breaking news.) For this reason, I kind of doubt I’ll make it a hobby, but I think I will try to do digital paintings which involve starting with a limited palette of colors,

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  1. Chicky

    The coloring definitely appears flesh-like so it looks like you have the right mix down for a newbie 🙂