Drawing Bears is Oso Hard

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

Revisiting the bear; I know this looks rough, but it’s actually better-constructed than the bear I posted the other day, in that he’s made up of well-defined 3D shapes, making it easy to visualize what he’ll look like from all different angles. As a bonus, his features are closer to my natural style of doodling, so I think I’ll have a lot more fun drawing this version.

I’m sure there will be like 10 more versions, and by then he’ll be a turtle.


  1. theresamonroy

    I’m proud you know who Oso is 🙂 Ariana thinks you’re the coolest Uncle ever.

  2. Mark M

    Would she still think I'm cool if I was just referring to the Spanish word and not the character? 🙂

  3. theresamonroy

    No, now we both think you suck ;o) It’s Disney, a bear who completes kid like missions.