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Don’t Forget to Gargoyle

Today’s @sketch_dailies prompt on Twitter: Gargoyles! This one is based on a real Notre Dame denizen.

I have mixed feelings about Sketch Dailies. As you probably know, my renewed interest in art has been predicated on not competing with anyone but myself. But this Twitter account has exposed me to some incredible artists, and it can be a little intimidating to see what they consider a “sketch.” Every publicized drawing seems to be a finished illustration.

There are two possibilities, and they’re both frightening: Possibility 1, these are actually what a professional artist considers a sketch, and it only took them 15 minutes to create something that would take me a couple days. Possibility 2, these took them at least a day, and were made possible by a lack of demand for paid work.

Honestly, possibility 2 is worse, because it means that illustration may be a dead-end pursuit. Possibility 1 is better; it just means I need to improve. Which I already knew.

Here are some examples of “sketches” that look to me like finished illustrations.

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