Courtney Takes Her Ball And Goes Anywhere

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

The first thing people often noticed about my favorite coworker was that her office chair was an exercise ball. Today, she made a move that was both gutsy and rational: leaving her post simply because she was ready for something new. Does she have a new job lined up? Nope. Will she succeed? Yep.

Have I thought about following her example? [REDACTED]


  1. Georgiann

    You’re STILL a great writer and artist! I hope you are doing well…I love this drawing.

  2. CourTney

    <3 <3 <3. All the love Mark. Thank you for believing in me. And that drawing is my new favorite.

  3. 49er

    I have to agree with Georgiann. You have a talent for both writing and drawing. How did you draw such a round ball!

  4. Fräulein

    This is my new favorite. The caption superb and succinct.