Can You Tell Me How to Get to Della Street?

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

Hey, I kinda like it. Now I think I’ll go look out the window…


  1. georgiann

    Nice job…I think I would like to see you draw an animal…maybe a bird…maybe a simple pterodactyl, maybe a cat, a tiger, a dog…let’s see what you GOT!!!Bring it!!!

  2. Chicky II


  3. Sister

    I have no clue who this is but it looks darn good!

  4. cousin Mike

    Love the eyes, great job Mark

  5. cousin Mike

    I do not think these things are major, but three things I noticed:1. His left ear sits much higher than the right.2. Top of hair is untextured3. Facing him, the tie appears deficient on the right side, near the collar.

  6. Mark M

    Haha, now that you’ve pointed it out, the ear thing is really obvious.  Whoops.  That boy just ain’t right!

  7. Chicky II

    Wow I didn’t realize Cousin Mike was so detailed oriented ………… good eye 🙂

  8. cousin Mike

    hopefully you didn’t take it as nitpicking Mark because I think it looks fabulous. great work. I know that they are already animated, but a Day of the Tentacle ‘class portrait’ would be fun.