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America’s Next Top Model Sheet

I’m creating a model sheet for Mary Rae and Kerkel, in anticipation of the next batch of strips (Coming Soonish™). I’ve started with the all-important height comparison. Looking back at the first 11 strips, I realize I did something sort of clever without even trying: never once did I draw them explicitly standing on the same plane. In other words, even when Kerkel seemed a little too tall, their feet were out of frame, so you couldn’t prove in a court of law that anybody was out of proportion.

These model sheets will be mostly about achieving consistency, rather than a complete overhaul of the characters. However, I’ve decided to make a slight modification to Mary Rae’s hair; that pulled-back look was a pain to draw in the comic strip, let alone animation. Now I can indicate her hair in just a few strokes.

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