Afternoon at the Museum

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

Sketched some statues at the Met. Here’s one.


  1. Sister

    Is she holding her “boo boos” as Ari would say? Cool deal. Did you take a pic and draw or in the museum?

  2. Mark M

    Drew in the museum. I think she’s gathering up the cloth of her toga.

  3. georgiann

    The neck doesn’t look too feminine…kinda looks “dude-like.” I do like the shading on the chair.

  4. Aunt Anita

    Hmmm…..great details in the head area…but not bending forward like statue…hands are the hardest to draw…from my vantage point, I see only 4 fingers….and the hands seem larger. Is this the kind of criteria you are looking for?

  5. Mark M

    Yeah, I really stink at hands…I think I just need to sit down one day and fill a sketchbook with them.Georgiann, I think the neck looks dude-like because I kept changing the width of her neck and didn’t have an eraser, hence the extra lines.