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A Fine Mesh

Today I started messing around with a program called Mudbox (free if you’re a student)…I think I can argue that I count!). Although I ought to test my newfound patience on regular 3D software, I like this particular program because it offers more of an artistic approach to sculpting a model.

Anyway, back in the old days at Disney, there was a whole department dedicated to creating plaster character models for the animators’ reference. It occurred to me that I could do the same thing with a program like this. I definitely need help when it comes to noodling through what my characters look like at different angles.

Above and below are my first attempt at using Mudbox. It’s what I’ve decided is a “typical” Warner Bros’ style human head. While I modeled it, I referred to Private Snafu and a few incidental background characters.

Not only can I view this model in 360 degrees on my computer, but I found an iPhone app that will let me do the same. I could even find someone with a 3D printer and turn it into a physical model. Talk about coming full circle!

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