Featured image of post 2nd Best Finger Painter in the Family

2nd Best Finger Painter in the Family

Hey, remember when I was painting Bob Hope? Well, I decided to take my lackluster work-in-progress into the iPad, where I proceeded to basically repaint the whole thing in a really cool app called Procreate. Although it’s been around for a while, Procreate was overhauled around the time the new iPad was released this year. What really sets it apart from other painting apps is it’s complete lack of lag while drawing, and some really nice naturalistic brushes that blend and smudge realistically. That, in combination with the iPad’s “retina” display, means that you really do feel like you have paint at the end of your fingers.

I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied with this portrait (I think I may have made a few mistakes with the initial drawing), but it made for a fun Friday evening.

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