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The Day the Tapes Stood Still

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

I recently revisited a lapsed homework assignment from last Summer’s illustration course–a short graphic memoir about a small lesson I’ve carried with me from one of my early jobs in TV.

Authentic Chinese Pizza

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

It’s done! Not necessarily to my satisfaction, but it’s done nonetheless. Oh, except for a cover. Don’t rush me! Click on the first page and then use your arrow keys to read.

Well, I’ll work on the cover tomorrow, and then see if I can print out few copies. I’ll offer some more thoughts on the comic creating experience when I’m a bit less sleepy.

Bring the Paint

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook


Started up with the paint today; just a re-do of the sketch with very diluted raw umber, then a background color. Monday we’ll start in with “dead coloring,” or thick layers of flat color.

Here’s a look at how the drawing was transferred. First, I traced the sketch with red pencil. Then I loosely traced it on the opposite side with charcoal. Finally, I laid the charcoal on the canvas itself and traced with a pencil to transfer the charcoal. Whew!

You’re Outta Bear!

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

Well, I guess the Kerkel posts this week were a wake of sorts; my strip’s been eliminated from the competition. On the upside, I’m now free to share the entire run here on the site.

It was an odd contest; the thing I found especially strange is that there is no real feedback or interaction on the Cartoonist Studio site, so I feel like I haven’t really learned much about what constitutes an appealing comic strip. The 11-second animation contest made a lot more sense, and I got some solid constructive criticism from the community. About the only positive thing I can say about this contest is that it motivated me to create a comic strip!

That said, after looking through these, please let me know which one you liked the least, and which one you liked the best. Now that I’ve got the storyline-introducing awkwardness out of the way, I’d really like to continue developing these characters.

Looking Ahead

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

Today my Aunt Susie sent me a great photo of Nana, age 24, around the time she moved to California from Mexico. Click the gallery below to see the before and after.

A Coupla Sketchy Characters

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

I had so much fun with my first painting that I spent a drizzly day inside doing another one. I immediately found this one to be far more challenging than the first one, and not just because there’s two people. The cracker pic had lots of dark shadows, and it didn’t take much to make it pop off the page. With this one, the contrast was a lot more subtle, and for most of the day the pic felt really flat. Ultimately I think I ended up with a bit of a 3rd dimension. ┬áBut anyway, on to the next one!

I took a few screenshots of the process: