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More Fun With Restoration

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You’ll have to forgive my brief detour into photo restoration; it’s always been a fascination of mine. While coloring Grandpa’s photo the other day, I wondered if I could subtly add detail to photos, or even restore damaged photos, by painting.

This photo of Tata (my other grandfather) is from the 1920s–a detail of a group shot of his middle school graduation. It’s not damaged, but there’s not a lot of detail in the faces. So tonight I did some experimenting. First, I painted a minimal amount of detail, using a clearer photo as a reference. Then I blended it into the original photo by adding some grain and reducing the opacity of my strokes a bit.

What I like about it is that when viewed from a distance at actual size (as with a typical framed photo), it looks about the same as the original. But if you examine it closer, there’s a little more detail and expression.

Next, I’d like to try an actual damaged photo; you know, one of those where important bits are completely missing and need to be painted back in.


This Site’s Gone to the Dogs

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Thought I’d paint something from my mind instead of looking at a photo; what better than this old guy who’s been gathering dust somewhere in my noggin? For those of you outside my family, this is Sam, star of at least 75 unfinished comic books. Drawn on iPad in Procreate.

Don’t Taze Me, Sis!

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Meet my sister’s dog Tazer, who correctly guessed that this eye belongs to Zooey Deschanel. Congratulations, Tazer. Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy?

Anyway, all I gotta say is, that’s a lot of fur and grass! I feel like I could have easily spent another 3 days on those two things, but then I’d be nursing some serious carpal tunnel.

Oh Sure, I Totally Draw Animals

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Getting started on the next one. Tune in tomorrow!

Can You Tell Me How to Get to Della Street?

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Hey, I kinda like it. Now I think I’ll go look out the window…

Burr It’s Chilly

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Alright, I had to have a do-over on Ironside, aka Mr. Thorwald from Rear Window. This one was done in Photoshop; I started with a black canvas and gradually added lighter shades.

Just in case you couldn’t get enough of this guy, tomorrow I’m going to refine the B&W painting, then add some color. I’ve done something similar with old photos, so I’m curious to see how well it will work with a drawing.

A Coupla Sketchy Characters

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I had so much fun with my first painting that I spent a drizzly day inside doing another one. I immediately found this one to be far more challenging than the first one, and not just because there’s two people. The cracker pic had lots of dark shadows, and it didn’t take much to make it pop off the page. With this one, the contrast was a lot more subtle, and for most of the day the pic felt really flat. Ultimately I think I ended up with a bit of a 3rd dimension. ┬áBut anyway, on to the next one!

I took a few screenshots of the process:








Cracker Part 2

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Well, here it is. My first painting…ever? Eye spacing issues aside, I was pleasantly surprised with the result. I mainly used the technique described in this hour-long YouTube video, starting with one base color for the whole image, then painting large swaths of tone over that, then blending using the color picker with a brush at low opacity. Photoshop CS5 actually has brushes that simulate wet paint, but I didn’t use those.

I did use Georgiann’s suggestion of “Brady Bunch squares” by placing a grid over both the photo and my canvas when drawing my initial sketch.

In the video above, the artist makes an observation that really helped me. She used to use tons of layers so she could go back and undo her mistakes, but then she realized that it made a lot more sense to think like an oil painter. “Just paint over it, duh!”

Here’s the source photo:


And just for fun, here’s how it looked about halfway through.


Cracker Part 1

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I watched a few tutorials tonight on digital painting, so I thought I’d give it a shot. This will probably take a couple evenings. Here’s the first step; the sketch that I’ll paint over. As you can see, it’s me eating a cracker, which I’m sure is something Van Gogh would have painted if he hadn’t come up with the whole hacking off the ear thing.

Sneak peek at my progress as I hang it up for the night:


Wow, I’d look creepy without eyebrows.