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Later Taser

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

Quick painting of my sister’s family dog Taser. A big lovable lunkhead who didn’t know his own strength, and will be forever missed by Theresa, John, and Ariana. First depicted here back in 2011!

Bob’s My Uncle

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Uncle Bobby was never the loudest guy in the room–who could get a word in edgewise with six siblings?–but when he did speak up it was always with wit and warmth and a mischievous smile.  And as nice as it was to have him around as an Uncle, I know for sure he was also an amazing dad and grandfather. Needless to say, we all wish he could have spent many more years chasing after the twins he adored.

A life cut short provides a painful but important lesson: Though none of us is guaranteed a set amount of time on this planet, you can always take ownership of how you’ll be remembered. If you can manage to be as kind and caring as Uncle Bobby, you’ll leave behind people brimming with fond memories, gratitude and love.

One Last Nice Mess

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I really enjoyed the recent film “Stan and Ollie” starring Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly  as the title characters, at the end of their careers, embarking on a1950s tour of the United Kingdom. This painting depicts a moment during that time.

And here’s a time-lapse of the digital painting in Procreate:

Watercolor Welles

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Orson Welles’ “new” film The Other Side of the Wind hit Netflix this weekend, along with two separate making-of documentaries. Here’s the director, much younger, during his radio days.

Pollen Hate

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Did Spring come late, or does it just take a while for my histamines to catch up? At any rate, g’bless me.

As is usually the case when I draw my stupid mug, this rare non-digital watercolor was homework for my never-ending Saturday art class. Oh wait, did I say never-ending? Apparently the school is closing in the Fall after a mere 192 years! Word on the street is that funds were colossally mismanaged by new management.

What is it with 2017 and amateurs running great institutions into the ground?


Rumors of his dirty ratness are greatly exaggerated

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I’m greatly enjoying the epic podcast The Secret History of Hollywood. Actually, it’s less of a podcast and more of an audiobook. You should check it out. I’m just starting part three of the latest series, “Bullets and Blood.” In parts one and two, Cagney emerges as one of the few people in Hollywood with two feet on the ground and a good heart. Some of the best anecdotes in the podcast are of his tussles with the mercenary head of the Warner Brothers Studio, Jack L. Warner, who was vexed by a rare star who needed the studio less than the studio needed him.

If some crazy dark side of his personality emerges in part three, please don’t spoil it for me!

La mujer del siglo

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Oh hey, today would have been my Nana’s 100th birthday! Here’s a digital painting of her in her youth, perhaps in her hometown of La Paz, Mexico.

Change I Can’t Believe In

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I’m neither a Republican nor a Democrat. I don’t like to talk about politics, because, frankly, I do not know enough to form any strong arguments. (Note: This does not generally stop people who love to talk about politics.)

All I know is that for the past eight years, having this man at the helm caused me absolutely zero anxiety. The incoming administration? Well I’m sleeping a lot less these days. And drawing politicians. That’s how you know we’ve entered bizarro times.

As an illustration of what we’re losing, have a look at the clip below of Obama addressing the U.S. military last month. It’s a quick historical recap, tied to the sort of patriotic, apolitical message that could have been said by any President, and appreciated by conservatives and liberals alike.

The scary thing is that Obama’s comforting words were prompted by dangerously ignorant statements made by the President-Elect. I’m OK with the usual 8-year presidential pendulum swing between Republicans and Democrats, but this guy is a different beast. The Republican Congress really needs to do some soul-searching and ask, “am I on Team America, or Team Thin-Skinned Reality Show Carny?”

Clown Paintings

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First digital painting in ages, of a grimacing Harpo Marx. I’m jonesing for the restored versions of the Marx Bros. Paramount movies, out on Blu-ray this fall!

Bonus! A rare look at how the sausage is made: