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Head of The Class

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This week’s drawing class focused on heads. It really helped to have a model with a short haircut. She has a raccoon-eye because I had to reposition it slightly, and I’m still not swift enough to carry white-out with me.

Appropriately enough, it was probably my last class before I head off to Florence to paint a portrait in a 2-week workshop at the Angel Art Academy. Clearly I’m in a little over my head (hmm), but I’ll have a full week to do the initial drawing, rather than 20 minutes. If I can’t nail a drawing in that amount of time…well, who cares, I’ll be in friggin’ Italy eating everything in sight.

Sideways White Female

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50s insurance guy is quite flustered at the sight of a reclining nude from today’s class.

I’ve been using ink instead of charcoal for the past few weeks, but this is the first one that wasn’t riddled with mistakes and re-dos, which equals a frustrated jumbly mess of scratched-out indelible lines. Either I need to bring white-out, or start doing more decent (heh) ones like this.

Gee, I Think You’re Swell

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This week’s assignment: A portrait in nature. Since I usually give my bevy of models Fridays off, I walked down the block to this statue of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt on the edge of Riverside Park. Drew this with Copic sketch markers and a Kuretake brush pen.

Here’s the same statue in real life:


Put some clothes on!

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Today’s class theme was unclothed/clothed. We drew a regular nude pose, then the model put on a dress, which we then added to the same drawing. The exercise gets you to think about how clothes conform to the body beneath them.

This Little Piggy Went to Art Class

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This week’s much-needed drawing class subject: hands and feet!

Living Lines

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Haven’t posted any naked people in a while. I felt like I was sort of stagnant over the past few classes, but today I was somehow able to loosen up a bit, probably because today’s class was nothing but short drawings. I think these ones were all 2 minute poses.

Howzat Grab Ya?

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Had a little better luck with hands today; rereading the hands section in The Mad Art of Caricature reminded me of some simple methods for considering the structure of hands (such as: the two sides of your palm look like upside-down chicken drumsticks!).

Still, I feel like I’m back to square one; it’s almost like I need to come up with an exercise rotation to improve and retain these essential skills.

The Most Inkteresting Dork in the World

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Here’s this week’s self-portrait homework. When setting up the scene I obviously forgot to consider that I have no experience drawing glass or liquids. Fortunately my teacher seems to be obsessed with painting glass marbles, so she’ll surely have some pointers.

Is This the Bus to the Nudist Camp?

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Here’s the long pose from today’s class–40 minutes, in fact. ┬áThat’s about twice as long as we usually do.

Of course, my teacher was off hanging pictures for the class art show, so I didn’t get the feedback that helps me notice my mistakes quicker. 20 minutes in, this was a disaster.

Hey, here’s Van Dork hanging on the wall as if it were actually art:


Amazon Woman

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Oh hey, I’m busy animatin’, so have a naked lady from yesterday’s class. This time round, we were studying tone by using white chalk and charcoal on gray paper. And yes, the model was reading her Kindle.