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The Ghost of Charles Schulz

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

This is just a test panel for my comic book, to see if I think I can use real ink instead of doing it digitally. My problem is, I can’t zoom into the paper like I can a digital file, so my naturally shaky hands tend to betray me when drawing little characters with a brush pen. But, I’ll keep practicing.

All Thumbs

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

All right, I laid out 8 pages! Honestly I’m a little nervous about the response from the class, but as long as it’s something more constructive than “start over, you hack!” I’ll be happy.

Why Layout When You Can Lay About?

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook


Actually, I can also blame pesky presidential debates for my slow progress, but I’m expected to have a thumbnail version of my entire comic book by tomorrow night, and I’ve done one page. Guess who’ll be pulling an all-nighter, UCLA-style!

On the plus side, at Utrecht art store I found these useful comic book layout drawing pads.

A Novel Idea

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

Hey, sometimes you gotta write before you can draw. I’ve been toying with varying ideas with the same theme, but I think it’s finally starting to come into focus.