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Sketchy Strangers

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

I just discovered a Subreddit called “redditgetsdrawn,” where people post pictures of themselves and other users, mostly amateurs like me, take a stab at drawing them. It’ll definitely be a go-to when I need some practice material.

Wannabe Block

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

Can you tell I’m a little uninspired lately? I think it’s the awkward transition from a project back to learning in earnest. There’s a ton of different things I need to practice, but where to start?

Merry Whiplash

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook


Thought I’d see if I still remember how to animate.

Late-Breaking Coverage

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

Cover idea. Not sure if it works.

Scratch that, since I’m bored and lazy, this will probably just be the cover!

Authentic Chinese Pizza

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

It’s done! Not necessarily to my satisfaction, but it’s done nonetheless. Oh, except for a cover. Don’t rush me! Click on the first page and then use your arrow keys to read.

Well, I’ll work on the cover tomorrow, and then see if I can print out few copies. I’ll offer some more thoughts on the comic creating experience when I’m a bit less sleepy.

And For My Next Christmas Miracle

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

Just some proof that I’m still working. I think I’ve gone to my last Christmas party this year, so this weekend will be a terrific time to put this thing to bed.

Black and White Christmas

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

Got a corny idea for a Christmas card involving a pengin. Here’s the initial sketch.

Then Again…

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

Digital inking has its advantages. For instance, I can use different layers to experiment with different elements, and I’m less anxious about inking freehand, as I did with these background characters.

Size Matters

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

I should just be finishing this, but I guess experimenting with comic inking isn’t the worst form of procrastination. A lot of comic book artists who still work with ink do their pages on 11″x17″ paper. Among the advantages: little imperfections disappear when shrunk down to print size, and the larger the scale, the easier it is to manipulate a brush or brush pen.

So anyway, working on a sheet of 8.5″x11″ paper made for a panel around 3″ wide, and even my tiniest brush pen seemed too thick unless I gave it a featherlight (and shaky) touch. So to see what it would be like to ink in the larger format, I printed this panel at about 5″ wide. Turns out that’s a great size for rendering lines similar to the digital ones I’d settled on, using my Zebra fine pen.


I definitely like the look of the gray copic marker over the uniform digital gray, but I still prefer the digital line, if only because the computer has helped me look more competent than I really am. It makes sense to leverage technology, but there’s definitely something more satisfying about putting pen to paper. It’s also more comfortable, because I’m not tied to a tiny graphics tablet on my desk. I think I have to make my next project analog; it’ll improve my skills even if I settle on digital.