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Time for Bedraggled

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

Hah, I really didn’t mean for this to look like one of those “depression hurts” ads, but this has been one hell of a week, culminating in a huge sleep deficit and a full-blown head cold.

It wasn’t all bad. Yeah, it was a terrible week at work, but I also went to two concerts and the Maker Faire. But it’ll be at least as thrilling to do absolutely nothing tomorrow.

Morisonian Illogic

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

Had a blurry night last night, drawing bad sketches of coworkers, and toasting my former boss, who was let go for “budget reasons,” despite the fact that he was the most skilled and knowledgable manager in the department. My theory is that his tendency to skip pointless meetings–to do actual work–made him a suspicious character in the eyes of the other managers, none of whom ever poked their head into our workspace to witness how integral he was to the team.

Performing at a 3rd Grade Level

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

Today the producer of a politically-themed piece I’m editing asked if I could draw some cartoons, but make them look like a 3rd grader did them.

The 2 candidates were my earnest effort at drawing in a childlike manner (Romney’s banana-fingers, for instance), but the statistical dudes up top are pretty much the way grown-up me always sketches.

Another Jog, Another Dog

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

And yep, I do carry a small notebook with me! Most of my coffee shop sketches are also right after a run.

Central Woof

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

I’ve been running like an albino Kenyan lately, but on the rare occasion that I need to catch my breath, I draw me some dogs.

Digitally Rehashed

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

For lack of anything better to do, I digitally inked my 1-hour comic from last week. I made a few minor adjustments for the sake of clarity.

Sleepy Student

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

Could describe me, could describe this guy who was napping while waiting for our teacher to arrive on Thursday.

Is This Art? We’re Taking Your Calls

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook

Hey, not all my creativity goes into sketching. Today I put together a portable podcast setup for a friend of mine. All audio is recorded from a tiny mixer board into my iPad. I’ll use my iPhone to play intro music, sound effects, etc.

I’m still figuring out the board, but here’s an unedited example of how it sounds. Music was mixed in live.

[wpaudio url=””┬átext=”Mmsketch – Lazy Artist Podcast” dl=”0″]

Do I really sound that high-pitched these days? Yikes.


Time Is What You Make of It

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook


So, let me explain this comic. Today I started my class in creating graphic novels (comic books, essentially). I was running on fumes, and felt like I could barely speak when introducing myself to the class. But then, the teacher gave us a challenge: spend one hour creating a one-page comic with the topic of “time.” My mind blanked at first, but after five minutes or so I was sketching out the comic you see above, which surprised me, since I generally struggle to come up with ideas. But, given a tight deadline, I’m able to whip something out. I’ve made note of this in the past, but I rarely have enough discipline to force deadlines upon myself. Gotta work on that.

Given that this cartoon is essentially a first-draft, there are a few things I didn’t make totally clear, so I’ll lay out the basic premise. The guy in panel 2 is watching a YouTube video–one of those “watch people age” videos. But instead of being a time-lapse, the video is literally 15 years long. The video’s subject ages to 35, and the viewer into old age. The viewer is jolted into realizing that he’s wasted his life in front of the computer.

Like they say, write what you know!