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Sketchy Centenarian

Posted by Mark in Mark's Sketchbook


“Drawing as an Afterthought” week continues! I wondered what it might look like if I did a little brush pen sketch of Tata, freehand–no pencil, and no do-overs. Well, not too great, but I kind of like this style and will definitely be trying it again.

I Got Nothin’

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Apologies for being off my game this week; I’ve actually been watching some art instruction videos after my morning run, but I have nothing much to show for it. And after work…zzzz.

Dopey Sneezy

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Back on the Paper iPad app, a quick representation of how I’ve felt for the past few days amongst the clouds of pollen. (My face isn’t actually that white, but the app comes with a very limited color palette!)

Hope This Doesn’t Suck (Whenever it’s Finished)

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Sorry for dragging this out. I put in about three hours today before finding something else to distract me! So, more to come.

Cartoon Characters are People Too!

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As I expected, the class got the joke and laughed politely, and then we discussed the drawing as if it were any other serious homework assignment. If only my harridan elementary school art teacher had allowed cartoons in art class, I’d probably have gotten all this schooling out of the way 30 years earlier!

Anyway, the teacher noticed something I already realized, which was that my character was way too stiff. Even after umpteen weeks of this class, and dozens of animation books imploring me to draw everything with a “line of action” in mind, I still have a tendency to want to turn every figure into a right angle. It’s a really hard habit to break.

So, I adjusted my figure a little, and re-inked it, digitally. Do you notice the improvement? Because there’s a smooth, imaginary arc from my back leg to my hand, it does a better job at implying movment, and the direction of that movement.

Really, I should be even more bent, but I didn’t want to reinvent the whole composition of the picture.

Of course, digital inking always looks a little flat compared to real ink, but I can always play with that in Photoshop:

Speaking of which, looks like a rainy day tomorrow, so I’ll sit in and finally finish Bob Hope!

How I Spent My “Spring Break”

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This week’s homework assignment was kind of a throwaway; another student suggested “let’s draw what we did with our time off,” and the teacher shrugged OK.

So for the purposes of this cartoon, I stood on a curb treating old ladies like figure models, even measuring with the bamboo skewer my teacher gives all her students as a tool.

This will either get big laughs, or the sound of intense, judgmental crickets. I’ll let you know!

Bob Hope Will Be Right Back After these Scribbles

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Laziness before work, plus spur-of-the-moment socializing after work=I didn’t draw a GD thing today! Didn’t help that I left my sketchbook at home. Here’s a page from earlier this week in Washington Square Park.

Drawing class starts back up on Saturday; our very loose homework assignment is “what I did on my Spring Break.” So maybe I’ll finish up Bob and turn that in, or postpone Bob until Saturday, and do a self-portrait of me moping around at work.

Hope this Doesn’t Suck (Pt 2)

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Wanted to get a little further, but somebody plopped a pesky day job smack in the middle of my day. Anyway, after about an hour of blending different shades of gray, the face is starting to come into focus.

Hope This Doesn’t Suck (Pt 1)

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So I thought I’d make a more serious attempt at a painting, and actually spend a few days on it. It’s fun to do things like the Dorothy Lamour painting, where I just eyeball everything (no jokes, please), but it’s no fun to do a comparison afterward and realize how out of whack some of my proportions are.

So for this one, I’ve gone back to the old standby, the grid, and carefully sketched Bob to match the photo exactly. For the next phase, painting, I’ll turn off the grid and go nuts. I figure eyeballing the tone and detail will be enough to take a boring sketch and imbue it with some life.